Meeting Point Television

We’re over half way through this year’s Meeting Point Television, which I have the great pleasure to moderate for the Nordic Film Market of the Gothenburg Film Festival. You should wish you were here, and not just because of the drinks reception happening downstairs as I write.

I got a number of requests for the script of my opening talk (partly because the delegates found it interesting, but mostly because I was breaking speed talking records to stay on schedule after a late start). Here you go, but really, it came across significantly better when actually performed. Not to compare myself to the Bard, but it is indeed written for another platform…


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One response to “Meeting Point Television

  1. I love it!
    Thank you so much Johanna, for putting all these seemingly strange and quite foreign issues in an understandable context.
    As I had the pleasure of participate in the same seminar I fully support your enthusiasm for this amazingly relevant and interesting program.
    And also I have to thank you for being so clear, professional, impressively good prepared, witty and wise. And thank you so much for shearing this wonderful opening speach with us!
    Kind regards, Vera

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