Books Read and Written

Two fun things professionally this week.

First: I was asked to review a book for SR Kulturnytt. Merete Mazzarella has written a rather good biographical novel about Zacharias Topelius, after whom my old elementary school was named, and I got a few minutes to talk about Ingen saknad, ingen sorg on Wednesday (in Swedish). Even though I’ve spent about five years at university dealing with literature I very rarely get to ruminate about books in public (this Swedish article on Brideshead Revisited in Fokus is the only recent exception, and it was prompted by the film). So, yea for work not feeling like work at all this week!

Second: Nina von Rüdiger and I have finished the second installment of the five-part graphic novel Oblivion High, published in Finnish by Otava. The book is kalled Oblivion High 2: Kade, and I’ll get back to you on the release date as soon as I know.
Doing work like this, and especially since we’d only made the first book together so far and haven’t had that many reactions yet, one always feels a bit isolated from the readers. So when Mike Pohjola asked me to be on a panel on Finnish Role-Playing Game Culture at the Tracon convention held in Tampere yesterday, I jumped at the chance to go, and to spend the rest of the day hawking books and memorabilia to our, dare I say it, fans. I hadn’t slept a whole lot, admittedly, but I became a bit misty-eyed on Nina’s behalf when people came up to talk about the awesome artwork. And on both of ours’ when they said they loved this or that character, or that they couldn’t wait for the sequel. We have readers! Wow! Thank you!


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