Prisoners, Celebrities, Panelists

Prisoners with problems was my radio theme this week. Two good movies though, with excellent performances in them – do see them. A review of the blood thirsty child portrait Boy A here.

Review of the Bobby Sands biopic Hunger – more of a slow portrait of his death really – here.

Also, Steve Toltz’s novel A Fraction of the Whole, about a man writing his unlikely memoirs in prison, reviewed here.

A short introduction to the life and times of Jade Goody is here, in Fokus. All in Swedish.

In Oxford, the Children’s literature conference was a resounding success. Info about the forthcoming book will be found here. I had the pleasure of chairing a panel with fascinating papers by Penny Tucker from Case Western Reserve, Alison Waller from Roehampton and Sean Corbin from UC Riverside. Everyone spoke about exciting stuff: Penny gave a fascinating paper about Southern school books during the Civil War, Alison revisited characters and readers who revisit Narnia, and Sean read Louis Sachar’s books about Armpit.

The whole experience gave me a yearning for children’s literature studies and if you have one too, Alison is the convenor of an MA on topic by distance learning!


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