Collapsing Truth and Fiction

Back from two back-to-back role-playing game conferences/conventions, Fastaval in Århus and Knutepunkt in Oslo. Scored a lot of new connections, some astonishing new knowledge about role-playing in the Czech Republic, rekindled friendships and a resounding cold. Gave two separate versions of my talk on collapsing the player and the character, which seems likely in time to result in at least three separate papers: one on game design and the “hollow man” problem, one on the obvious ways in which the player affects the character, and one on the less obvious ways in which the character affects the player.

Whether by coincidence or by a subconscious obsession with the topic, I also published two small pieces (both in Swedish) about two television premieres in the truth-fiction borderland premiering on Swedish Television last week. In Fokus, I write about Generation Kill, which you should all see.

In Dagens Nyheter, I asked Anders Sandberg of the Institute for the Future of Humanity at Oxford to discuss the possibility of downloading other people’s personas into our brains, which is the topic of at least two TV shows this year: My Own Worst Enemy, which seems promising based on the first two episodes, and Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, which takes about six weeks to take off but is absolutely worth the slog. Anders is not a professor, as the editor claims in the piece, but unapologetically a role-player, and that’s how this week comes full circle. (It has also been pointed out to me that a film from 1990 cannot be an 80s classic, which is how I describe Total Recall. I see the point but courteously disagree).

Dollhouse just premiered on TV400, Generation Kill on SVT, and Enemy will be on Canal+ starting in June.


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  1. Everybody knows the 80s ended sometime in the early 90s. Just like the 90s ended 9/11, 2001.

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