P3 Kultur and Self-Help Books

JOHANNA KOLJONEN-P3 KULTURStarting Tuesday, June 9th, I will be hosting a Swedish radio show called P3 Kultur. It is on four nights a week, Tuesday-Friday, at 6-8 PM, and available in the online archives for a few weeks after. Before the season ends mid-August, we will have helped our listeners collaborate on a detective novel, have had a number of both serious and flippant conversations about elite and popular culture, and probably discussed pretty much every aspect of self-help books in our recurring slot on the topic. (Press release here).

The reason I’m mentioning self-help specifically is that my favourite culture show Nya Vågen on our big sister network P1 covered the topic yesterday, and I had the privilege of being a participant in that conversation. The other guests, Thomas Johansson and Inga-Lina Lindqvist, were bright, funny and well informed, and we disagreed on enough things for the talk to come out quite lively (and perhaps a tad more personal than these shows typically are)… Listen again here.



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2 responses to “P3 Kultur and Self-Help Books

  1. Barbaselo

    Vad vacker du är!

  2. jokerirederiet

    Attans! Nån hann före. Men ja, mina avsikter var lika syndiga i min research. 🙂 Tack för titten!

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