The Nightly Apocalypse

P3 Kultur launched last Tuesday with a week of programming focused on our Crime Novel Writing Summer – it’s like a ten-week Nanowrimo with a lot of expert advice on the air and a collaborative novel-writing project on top.

This week the show takes a deep look at the Apocalypse, covering film clichés, fashions, the Survivalist movement, the disturbing dearth of Swedish post-apocalyptic film, the role-playing game Mutant and, briefly, the possible Lovecraftian ritual significance of Nordic Midsummer rituals.

We’re on four nights a week for a total of eight hours, which is both an insane amount of radio and great fun. We’re aimed at a fairly young demographic – people our own age and younger – but from the reviews and overwhelmingly positive response it seems that most of the people who love it are 20+. The only people who haven’t absolutely loved it are high-brow cultural critics who don’t seem to enjoy our coverage of popular fiction and self-help books. So, in short, we are totally psyched at the reception! Today we’ve started taping week three, and have eight more to go.

On this schedule there will obviously be less of other writing, but I’ll keep you posted. P3 Kultur is not podcast at this time, but Sveriges Radio does stream its content, and each show is on the website for 30 days after the air date.

A short profile piece about my nightlife habits in the entertainment supplement of Dagens Nyheter is here.


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  1. Din Stockholmskväll var kul! Fräsch, generös, opretentiös…

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