Body Week And Coming Out, Again

Body Week on P3 Kultur culminates tonight and I think these four shows may be among the most important, best and funniest things I’ve ever worked on. Over the course of the week I’ve been moved to tears by a crip activist with nothing to lose, felt absolutely disgusted by one of the most satisfying and liberating novels I’ve ever read, and been insulted over the phone by Brüno. Listen again for 30 days here (Swedish; Brüno is in English in the last ten minutes of the last show of the week). Next week I am broadcasting on a bed of nails. Literally. Stay tuned.

On Thursday, I started a summer gig as entertainment columnist for Svenska Dagbladet. The text isn’t online, (EDIT: It is now online here). but I am coming out as a larper (again) and writing about the difficult pride/shame-relation I have with live role-playing for entertainment purposes in public. At least two female grown-up role-players reported to me that their mothers had called to read bits of the text aloud. This moves me; thank you both for getting in touch.

If the column shows up online, I’ll let you know!


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