Hacking Reality, Star-Trekkin’, Dancing In My Underwear


I am sitting in a garden café in Visby recovering from urgent dental work and need to fit a lot in – apologies if I ramble. (All media in Swedish).

On Thursday morning, I visited the TV4 Nyhetsmorgon studion for a short conversation about Star Trek. Let’s just call this a slow news month (obviously only if your format prohibits you from talking about the actual news, such as the abhorrent Swedish governmental sanction of the election results in Iran). The guy on my left is Johan Norberg, well-known liberalist; there was obviously no space for the truly interesting conversation we could have had about the Federation as a neoliberal utopia

On Wednesday in Svenska Dagbladet, I wrote about different kinds of nudity and about feeling safe in my underwear at a queer/mixed night club. All (even slightly) homophobic commentary is deleted by the moderators, which rather obscures the validity of my point. But I was watching the comments live for a while and realized that, yes, the rather mild things I say in the column do seem to push a lot of conservative buttons. Kudos to SvD for remaining an open-minded platform in the face of a backlash against value-liberal urbanity.

Finally, this is the second to last week of P3 Kultur. This week the theme (dominating the Tuesday and Thursday shows) was hacking reality and I believe we got a very complicated topic just right. Do listen to the highlights show at 18.06 tonight! I have been very, very proud of everything we’ve done this summer. Particularly important themes include The Body, Finnish Immigrants and Pride/Shame; some of our less important but best and strangest work has been on pop-culture genres such as The Apocalypse and Musicals. That said, I think Hacking Reality reaches the very core of everything we’ve been trying to achieve. It is possible to make very, very thoughtful, entertaining radio on a tiny budget for a mainstream audience. I am humbled and inspired by the open-mindedness and vision and work ethic and talent and skill of all my colleagues (Roger Wilson, Tommie Jönsson, Sara Lundin, Jonas Sjöberg, Karin Eller, Märta Myrstener). Thank you guys for the best summer job of all time. And thank you Anders for putting this team together. That P3 Kultur exists may be the best reality hack of all.

And next week, we’re really going to freak out. Stay tuned.


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