Opinions Are Like… Free. Plus: Round-Up

Ivinski_kansi09_3 think perhaps I am too easily quotable. I think I put too much effort into pith. It is also possible that I am what could be called an Opinion Whore. Whatever the reason, I get a lot of calls and emails from people who would really, really like me to weigh in on this or that, typically for free. And I, the sucker, oblige. Making way too much of an effort to be lucid and quotable. Pretending that it is what you have to do if you aspire to acting responsibly as a public intellectual; pretending that this is, in fact, excellent exposure of my professional persona. Pretending that I’m not actually just flattered to be asked. Overcompensating by taking it all very seriously. Spending the time. Most importantly – spending time avoiding my own deadlines. Sigh. Look out for <sarcasm> wit, pith and wisdom </sarcasm> from yours truly in upcoming incarnations of Bon, Svensk Bokhandel, Ruotsinsuomalainen and P3 Populär. And in the premier issue of Sheriffi, out now, which I think contains a short interview with me. But don’t expect any of my own writing any time soon, since I clearly have no sense of priorities.

OK, I did do one thing – I reviewed Frederik Strage’s Strage text in Dagens Nyheter on Tuesday (Swedish). This was an interesting challenge, since I realized as I was reading that Strage is one of the people who inspired me to choose this profession to begin with. The review garnered feedback from friends and acquaintances that may, or may not, result in a new blog.

Oh, also – I have a short story in the Finnish children’s literature magazine Vinski, out now.


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