Free Love and a Regrettable Death


In Friday’s issue of Fokus (Swedish), I write about the increasing visibility of relationship anarchy – and its increasing validity as a lifestyle choice in educated urban communities. Since the conversation described in the text I have found that two of the couple-constellations I refer to, one in Finland and one in Denmark, are having documentary movies made about their lives. We may be living in neo-conservative times, but there is clearly a massive market in an exploration of alternative lifestyles.

If you would like to learn more, the internet is the first place to start. For printed information in Swedish, Andie Nordgren wrote intelligently about relationship anarchy in the anthology Könskrig (buy it here). In the same volume is an essay of mine about Valley Girl culture – on how the teenage blondes hanging at the Sherman Oaks Galleria became global icons of successful femininity. I looked at it recently and feel quite good about it still, so well worth a gander.

In rather sadder news, Roolipelaaja magazine has folded. 23 issues is an admirable run admirable for a small cultural publication in this economy, but it does leave a massive gap in the market and should have fared better. To my knowledge there are currently a grand total of zero lifestyle magazines aimed at the role-playing community, let alone one that also has place for reportage and intelligent criticism. This would be a worldwide statistic. Roolipelaaja will be sorely missed and I am very proud to have been part of it for a while.


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  1. elge

    don’t forget to mention Dr Andie
    I don’t know if she still answers questions but the advices to be found there are illuminating and helpful

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