Here And There, En Route All Over

koljaYes, it’s shocking: I am a contestant on SVT:s På spåret. There’s a video clip here with my talented teammate Marcus Birro and me about four minutes in.

Last Wednesday, I sat on the panel that P3 Populär call The Board of Directors (Styrelsen) with Shire Raghe of MTV fame – he is now a climate ambassador, part of the green carpet jet set – and wonderful host Hanna Fahl. We talked, among many things, about poisonous jeans and having sex with comic book characters, so it’s good to know I’m doing my bit for the world. The picture is from their web site, with thanks.

On Monday, I appeared briefly as an expert judge on Annika Lantz’s show, evaluating pitches by female theologians for movies about Biblical women. Both pitches seemed both intelligent and funny to me. (All of these in Swedish)

This Wednesday, I was interviewed in Helsingin Sanomat about cosplay culture and how grownups struggle to correctly decode very young girls dressed as maids and Lolitas. I advised common sense and called for a more open discussion about the sexuality of teenagers; if talking about it is taboo, there can be no safe environments for kids to explore the limits of and master the uses of the languages of friendship, romance and sexuality. The text is not online, but the conversation continues on the Ms Mandu  blog (Finnish), where we also have a fan art competition on!

I’m in Oxford, again. Tomorrow is my graduation. Next time I blog, I will do so with the legal right to wear a mortar board.


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