Radio Re-Booted + Playground Worlds

P3 Kultur is back for an astonishing 82 shows in 2010. Yup, this is what I do now – I get to play all day with Tommie Jönsson, Sara Lundin and Roger Wilson, and people tape us and then put it on the air. The manifesto and the mission statement are still the same as last summer:

  1. we only cover culture we are genuinely interested in
  2. we only invite guests we actually want to talk to
  3. we have no studio interviews; we have studio conversations
  4. we believe that passionate engagement trumps considerations of the status and even the quality of the artwork, since
  5. culture is not about texts and objects, it’s about how we live, play and create meaning among text, objects, and languages
  6. also, the show has to be honest
  7. also, the show has to be funny
  8. also, the show cannot help but be political
  9. also, if doing something on the radio is “impossible” we have to consider doing it
  10. also, we have the brightest audience, so it follows that public service is not a duty, it is a privilege

Also, we now have a podcast with PLENTY of extra material, a web site with all kind of things coming in over the next few weeks (including a blog) – check it out here!

The premiere show airs in our new slot on Sunday at 2pm. Its theme is reboot and the guests include Fredrik Strage, Teresa Axner, Margareta Garpe, Andreas Boonstra and Måns Mårlind.


In other news, Studentradion in Uppsala are handing out awards for their shows today, and I had the honour of picking the best culture show. All three nominees were surprisingly good, and I ended up picking the one that sounded the most professional. The network webcasts and it’s well worth a listen.


The best book published on larp and Nordic Role-Playing is probably Playground Worlds, edited by my great friends Markus Montola and Jaakko Stenros. I have a chapter in it – “The Dragon Was the Least of It: Dragonbane and Larp as Ephemera and Ruin” – (much-quoted, too, if I may say so myself) and the book is finally available as a free pdf download. Find it here!

Thanks to Olivia Mariette Borg at SR for taking the beautiful picture.


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