Sapphire, Precious and My New Book

Had the most wonderful week courtesy of the International Authors’ Stage at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, who had kindly asked me to interview Sapphire on stage in the week that marked the release of both the movie Precious and the Swedish translation of her novel Push, on which it was based. The translation is by Martin Gelin and the edition also includes the original English text – which is a great idea from publishers Noble Entertainment.

Sapphire is a treasure of a woman, so intelligent, charming, funny and comfortable to be around, without being a push-over even for a second. I was a fan of her writing before, now I am also a fan of the person, to the point where it would have been unethical for me to review the movie today. Luckily I reviewed it last week instead, although the clip only aired on Kulturnytt this Friday morning (link to the text in Swedish; I notice I’ve misspelled Gabourey Sidibe in my script – let’s hope I didn’t mispronounce it also).

I also have a new book out, in a very humble manner. My contribution to the Mitä Suomi on (What is Finland) blog was included in the printed anthology of the same name; both are edited by Antti Isokangas. The blog is a platform for societal conversation about how Finland is perceived by the Finnish and how we would like for our country to be communicated about abroad.

The theme of public discourse, debates and conversation also dominates P3 Kultur this Sunday. The show is our strongest so far this year, with the first hour focused on internet trolling culture and the second on talk shows. Unmissable, if I may say so myself. There’s even a short Sapphire interview by my producer Tommie Jönsson. (Swedish)

Next week I’ll be going to Gothenburg to host the Meeting Point Television seminar with Armando Ianucci headlining and other top pros giving talks, all very exciting! And on Tuesday, if you are in Finland, a new Japanese Language Programme is starting on the TV channel YLE Teema. I’m interviewed about Oblivion High in the first episode.



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2 responses to “Sapphire, Precious and My New Book

  1. Jonas

    Du är bara bäst.

  2. Niclas Kuoppa

    Ni hade nåt program på P3 om troll. Det kommer rapporter från seminarierummen på SU att trollbeteendet sprider sig till världen utanför kommentatorsforumen. Speciellt när det handlar om ämnen som “våldtäkt som samhällsproblem”. Då dyker det fram argument som “Kvinnor våldtar också!!! ja, ok men… “DOM GÖR DET! Att ni feminister ska vara så politiskt korrekta hela tiden”

    Elin Grelsson har snott ditt “For thee lulz” när hon motiverar sina häcklande Newsmillartiklar. Är inte det copyright violation!?

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