Multi-Week Wrapup

Annika Lantz followed up P3 Kultur’s internet trolling coverage by inviting me to elaborate on the topic on her show – find it here. The following Wednesday, I was on P3 Populär.

Meanwhile, P3 Kultur has covered female geeks and love that is like bad medicine, which is what I need, wo-o-o.

This Friday, I was interviewed in my home-town paper Hufvudstadsbladet on the occasion of the På Spåret semifinals, which we won!

(All media in Swedish)



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5 responses to “Multi-Week Wrapup

  1. Tommy

    Grattis till avancemanget i På spåret! 🙂

  2. Hilkka Lindahl

    Onnittelen, Johanna!
    Vaikken minä ole osallisena, olen ylpeä På spåret- kilpailun tuloksesta. Olisiko Suomen koulu osasyyllinen. Terveiseni myös Marcukselle. On koko Ruotsinmaassa monia tätejä minun lisäkseni, jotka pitävät hänen runoilustaan Karlavagnissa.
    Pidän peukaloita Teille jatkossa!

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  4. Jari

    Congratulations Johanna, We (my family) have followed the programme på spåret almost every Friday and you have been super. I tried to comment on an other persons blog but not sure this will be approved. You made a super competition, had it not been for you your team would not have been in the final. You have been a very fresh injection to what could have been a boring Friday amusement programme. Keep up the good work and hope to see you in more competitions like this in the future. Better choose an more intelligent partner next time so you don´t have to do all the work on your own…

  5. Isabell

    Stort grattis till vinsten i Pa Sparet! Aven fast jag inte bor i Sverige sa har jag foljt programserien hela sasongen. Allmanbildning pa hog niva.
    Grattis an en gang!

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