Iceland Prologue + Radio Days + Criticism Bites

A short advertisement before the usual round-up! Next week I will give two public lectures on the topic of Nordic Larp. One will be held at the Nordic House in Reykjavik, Iceland, at 4 PM on Monday (in English). The second one, with slightly less context and slightly more detail, will be at the Prolog convention in Västerås, Sweden on Saturday afternoon. You are welcome to both!

If you don’t like my voice, well, I sincerely apologize, since I’ve been everywhere on the air for the past few weeks. On Feb 15th, I visited the show Lunchboxen on P4 Malmöhus to talk about myself – a strange, new experience. Then I repeated the same thing on Wednesday evening, when two entirely different Sisuradio interviews (in Finnish) were simultaneously broadcast in the Malmö and Stockholm areas. One of them, I should add, pre-recorded. Obviously. I merited an extra appearance on the Soili & Waronen show on national Sisuradio that Friday, because of the astonishing fact that I’ve been on Facebook since 2004. It’s true (or, hangon, it might also be very early 2005).

P3 Kultur has had a strong few weeks with a good Valentine’s Day show for the broken-hearted, followed by a really choice one on Another Africa – the Africas of scifi movies, afrofuturism, boer eurodisco and the music industry of Kinshasa. This Sunday we are going in search of the Swedish Superhero and the week after will of course be our Academy Awards show which includes the premiere gathering of the Definitive Film Critic Panel (hint: I’m not on it, although, as host, I obviously get to be in the room).

A review of some recent books on vampires – both fiction and non-fiction – was published in Dagens Nyheter on the 22nd. Three days earlier I had my say in the Swedish criticism debate.

Actually, this also reminds me, an interview with me on the topic of Oblivion High was aired on the Finnish TV show Japania Erinin kanssa; apparently it was all very cool but I didn’t have a chance to see it and it is no longer on YLE Areena. Which is why I can safely claim it was probably super interesting and I may also have looked hot. 😉

All media in Swedish except where otherwise noted.



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3 responses to “Iceland Prologue + Radio Days + Criticism Bites

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  2. Hej Johanna,
    Kul att du har en blogg, det hade jag missat. Men vad trist att den är på engelska. Tänk om den här funnits på svenska, då hade jag lätt varit en regular.

    Inte för att det är svårt att läsa engelska, eller förstå. Men svenska är ju vackrare.

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