Nordic Larp Talks in Stockholm Tomorrow

Wow! Almost two months with no updates. It says something about how busy I’ve been (and even more about how long it’ll take to do the roundup now that I have the time). But we’re not quite there yet! I just had to tell you about something I’m very very proud of which will happen at c/o Stockholms Stadsteater tomorrow: The Nordic Larp Talks. It’s at Café Klara at 4 PM, and it’s totally free. And in English.

This is a two-hour lecture event for those of you who are interested in “progressive” or “avant-garde” live role-playing but don’t actually know all that much about it. Who are interested in other kinds of art, like theatre, or literature, or computer games. Or are into crowdsourcing and volunteerism of different kinds. We’ve nicked the format from the TED-talks, humbly, and will put all our stuff online, and others will add to it. I’ll give the introductory talk tomorrow and guarantee that all talks will be interesting, probably fun, and potentially mind-blowing.

On account of the volcano, getting our international cast of superstar speakers to Stockholm has proved to be a bit of an ordeal. Two Emmy-winners are among the ones who may not make it: games producer and political debater Andie Nordgren, who is also producing the Talks, will be Skyping in from the UK. Martin Ericsson of The Company P got off the island through the Chunnel, but I’ve lost track of him somewhere between Paris and Cologne. Luckily he is travelling with our extremely competent production manager Petter Karlsson, and may still show up. Peter Munthe-Kaas of Danish design-and-democracy collective OPUS is taking the train, and world class game researchers Jaakko Stenros and Markus Montola of Tampere University just called form Helsinki to report that they have pre-recorded their lecture since the ferries were full, will edit in some slides and get it to us on time. Mathias Gullbrandson of The Story Lab and leadership consultant Emma Wieslander are luckily already in Sweden.

You can reserve seats on our website or just show up at the door. Be on time! It’ll start sharpish, and we will end on time for you to also see my great friend Stefan Ingvarsson in conversation with Suzanne Brøgger.

Picture from a LARP production of Hamlet by Martin Ericsson et al. Photo by Bengt Liljeros, to whom I extend my thanks.


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