Proud of Prejudice and Zombies

I have a new book out! Or rather – I wrote the introduction for a Swedish pocket edition of Seth Grahame-Smith’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The book is pure pulp, of course, so I end up writing a whole lot about “high concept literature”.



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2 responses to “Proud of Prejudice and Zombies

  1. I just read it! Well, the english version anyway. I loved it, but I think you need to be very familiar with the original to see the humor in it. Now I may have to look at the Swedish edition to read your introduction.

  2. Magister Wigbold

    My comment about the J. Assange and all similar cases in Sweden!

    Right! If it wouldn’t be Sweden? Most probably nobody would even talk about it.

    To others (including me) the Swedish accusation against J. Assange sounds like a tale created in a huge Kindergarten.

    Here the points why I see it so:

    1.) Lack of finding evidence (most likely always impossible).
    2.) Everybody who thinks to have a new partner to get very “personal” with, sould consider to reduce the speed a bit.
    3.) We should be all grown up people and capeable to face and also swallow negative experiences up to a certain stage (a quarrel about a condome and disappointed satisfaction in sexual matters belongs to this “negative experiences” which cannot be poured into legislation)
    4.) Sweden forgot, that they cause devastation against innocent poeple.

    Best regards
    Magister Wigbold, Osnabrück, Germany / Dec. 20, 2010

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