Award Fever

Cleaning up my hard drive I found three lovely pictures that illustrate my hectic spring term. They are all related to awards in some way. The first is the most secret and exclusive: my fantastic team-mate Marcus Birro’s name, and mine, engraved on the official På Spåret trophy. (We got smaller ones to take home and keep, of course, but this is the one that belongs to SVT).

The second is me kissing the honorary Otto Award for excellence in role-playing game design, colloquially known as the Lifetime Achievement Otto, awarded this year at Fastaval to my role-playing club Vi Åker Jeep. I haven’t actually ever designed a Jeep game, only game tested some of them, and existed perhaps in some little way as a theoretical influence. That said, I am so incredibly, shockingly proud of this award, that it kind of dwarfs the awesome of På Spåret. (You can see in the picture that I’ve been in the convention atmosphere for a few days at that point).

And the third picture is from the Nordic Game Awards, which I had the pleasure to host this year. There are no great pictures from the stage, quite rightly, since all focus was on the game designers, but this is mobile documnetation form the dinner by the inspiring Zuraida Buter.


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One response to “Award Fever

  1. Montola

    “Kind of dwarfs the awesome of På Spåret”.

    – M

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