The Future is Four Minutes

…or to be more precise, that’s how long it took me to describe what I think of it at Volante publishing’s release party for the anthology Framtiden är nu. Kultursverige 2040 (Tobias Nielsén and Sven Nilsson, eds) on Wednesday night. I’m not in the book – I was at the party moderating a panel – but it is definitely worth a read, even though it doesn’t really touch on the more apocalyptic worries I talked about in this clip.

In other news, I have the mind-boggling honour of having been elected Årets spelare (“Gamer of the year” or “Player of the year”, depending on the genre of the game) by Sveriges roll- och konfliktspelsförbund, Sverok. I will travel to Nässjö tomorrow to receive this award in person, not because I have to but because I am humbled by the awesome of this honour (and, generally speaking, always love having dinner with a few hundred role-players on a Saturday night).

The work I’m doing for Filmriding & C:o on the TEMA shows for Utbildningsradion continues. Out 90-minute studio special on the future of the Swedish school system aired Monday night – do watch it on UR Play.



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2 responses to “The Future is Four Minutes

  1. Kim Jong Il

    Heja Johanna!

    (ville bara säga nåt snällt, för jag beundrar dig)

  2. Johan

    Du är fantastisk. /Johan

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