Living Film History and Talk TV

Sundgren och Koljonen

The first part of my conversation with the distinguished (and hilarious) Nils Petter Sundgren aired last Friday; the second part is on tomorrow night. Couldn’t find the embed code but the first part is online here until February 6th. EDIT: The second part is here.

And since we’re talking TV, here are links to all but the last of the Tema programmes I hosted for UR this season:
Sex å sånt (Sex, etc) – on sex education
Framtidens berättande (Storytelling of the Future) – on literature
Nya skolan (The New School) – on yet another education reform
Psyket (The Psyche) – on mental health issues.

Last week, I had the great pleasure to be invited on Studio 1 for a portrait interview; it was booked ages ago and wasn’t really meant to be about #talkaboutit but we ended up talking a little about tangentially all the same.

(All in Swedish).



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3 responses to “Living Film History and Talk TV

  1. thanks. I am a fan.
    Did not know it was more where it came from.
    I like the choice of themes and discussions.

    Good work

  2. Niclas Kuoppa

    Oh jädrar anåda, det var nästan så jag tårades i ögat. Såg just inslagen om och med Nils Petter. En ikon! Generationer har vuxit upp med honom som folkbildare i film. Tänk om svenska utgåvor av filmklassiker på dvd kunde börja med 10 minuter där Nils Petter berättar om filmen. Det kunde vara en blandning av nytt och äldre material från hans intervjuer och recensioner.

  3. Niclas Kuoppa

    och vilken bra engelska han pratade. Hur många på den tiden kunde säga kitchen sink realism!?

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