Graphic Novels and Public Libraries

I have three sets of book-related news! One is a book I’ve written in (more on that in my next post), another a book where most of what I’ve written is invisible, and the third I haven’t written in at all. How now?

Well, instead of writing, I sat down with an editor for a conversation on the meaning, importance and future of public libraries. The book Folkbibliotekens framtid? by Roland Eliasson, is a collection of voices ranging from award-winning authors and the minister of Culture to ordinary library users on these topics. It was released by Bibliotekstjänst yesterday through their BTJ Publishing. Read more about it and order here.

The second piece of news is about the graphic novels that Nina von Rüdiger and I create under our studio name Ms Mandu. (Butt-naked taster above). I write the scripts, but since the comics aren’t very dialogue-heavy, about 90% of the text in them is transformed into images before reaching the reader, which incidentally makes me less nervous about writing fiction.

The two first volumes of our five-book adventure story Oblivion High have been published in Finland with the third installment, Laulu, forthcoming from Otava in about a month. Find a teaser (in Finnish) here.

The big news is that we finally have a Swedish publisher! Yea! The gentle geniuses of escapist wizardry at Kolik förlag will publish Oblivion High starting in 2012. Which is awesome, since Oblivion High is actually set at a junior high school in a sleeper town outside Stockholm. Needless to say, we are psyched. And as per tradition, even though the books have had a great critical reception in Finland, we are also terrified.

Ms Mandu has some little side projects, too. Currently a little strip comic loosely based on a peripheral Oblivion High character is running in Finnish tabloid Iltasanomat. It looks like this.


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