Still Talking, With Honours!

The #talkaboutit conversation is not over! This week, the radio show Tendens is inspired by #prataomdet and its aftermath; yesterday’s episode is built around four early #prataomdet blog texts, read by the authors themselves. Today, Gustav Almestad participates in conversation about how to communicate about your or your partners’ negative sexual experiences. Tomorrow’s episode is on the topic of anti-feminist internet hate.

Tonight, at Oktoberteatern in Södertälje, #prataomdet will move to the stage. The ensemble performs a reading of #prataomdet blog texts which will be followed by a conversation with the audience.

In Stockholm, this week, you also still have a chance to see the play Bäverblues, which has no connection to #prataomdet, but is built on a very similar process. The five women of the ensemble – four actors and one writer/director – have spent two years talking about their experiences of lust and the social control thereof. The resulting play (“Beaver Blues”) is dirty, funny, and sad. Some of the performances are followed by conversations between the audience, cast and an invited guest; I had the honour of being the guest this past Sunday and said things in public I had previously not even considered saying out loud. It’s just the kind of effect Bäverblues has on the audience. Sitting in the audience during the show my friend and I laughed, cried, and started to suspect we’re “not exactly girlfriend material”. NB – the guys in the audience were totally laughing too.

In the light of all this awesome which I am in no way responsible for and would absolutely not take credit for, but am still associated with in the public mind, it is less astonishing that I received this totally random honour; (the tabloid) Expressen selected one of its 50 (Swedish) Women of the Year. The article with the full list itself is only available as a pdf, so no need to download it or anything. But since this may be my top mainstream honour ever I’ll still take this opportunity to mention that I placed 8th, between the actress Noomi Rapace and the pop star Robyn, so, in short, the mind boggles. THANK YOU.

A MASSIVE thank you goes out also to the jury of a slightly more niche award, Stockholmspriset (the Stockholm award) which I won in the Media category this year. I still love Nöjesguiden magazine, who totally made my career, and the fact that they’d still find my stuff relevant is a very big deal indeed for me. ❤ Thank you.


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