Theatrics and Lecturing!

On Thursday evening, I had the pleasure of hosting an on-stage conversation with the divine actress and writer Shima Niavarani at the Musik- och Teatermuseet (National Music and Theatre Museum) in Stockholm. Scenkonst i fokus is a fascinating series of intimate talks with stage professionals – I had a great session with Jonas Hassen Khemiri in December, too – and I do recommend it it you’re at all interested in the field! This Thursday, the guests will be the design collective SUTODA. I return on March 31st for a conversation with acclaimed director Nina Wester; we will also have the pleasure of hearing Rebekka Karijord perform some of the music she has written for Wester productions. (Nina and Rebekka pictured above. Listen to Rebecka Karijord on Spotify here and find the Facebook event of the evening here). Did I mention it’s almost free? It is! SEK 50/30.

In other news, I’m going to the US for some work things and will have the opportunity to give a talk at Bard on the 28th on the topic of #prataomdet. I can’t find a link just now but I’ll update this post if I do.

I always love visiting university environments. Last Saturday, for instance, I was asked to give three short talks at Linköping University for their Humanistdagen (Humanist day). For the rest of the day, of course, I was free to roam the lectures and think about stuff. I have the best job. And, quite probably, five or six different columns will come out of all the ideas I had while listening to the speakers!

Seem to have forgotten to link a few reviews and other things that I’ve done recently; sorry, I’m crap at remembering. Black Swan for Kulturnytt is here. Reflections on Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle are here. (Both Swedish)


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