All Books All the Time

For Internationell författarscen in Malmö, I am on May 5th meeting Sjón, whom you may know both as one of the most important Nordic writers right now, and as the lyricist of the Sugarcubes. (This talk will be in English).

For Internationell författarscen in Stockholm, I will be sitting down with Israeli author Amos Oz on May 26th. I must confess right here, that it will impossible for me to read all 30 of his novels before then! But based on my reading so far, every one I won’t have time for will feel like a big loss indeed. (This talk will be in English).

For the next few months after I shall immerse myself in Swedish Contemporary, since I’m on the jury this year for Augustpriset, the most important literary award in Sweden after the Nobel and the ALMA. I’m on the fiction jury and expect to read around 50 novels hot off the presses. Bliss!

And, at the same time, there are two book projects you may want to know about. Together with Andreas Ekström, I am working in a book about Carola Häggkvist. We have a little work-in-progress blog here. (Swedish).

The third installment of the manga Oblivion High which I write for artist Nina von Rüdiger has run into trouble at the printers and is, apparently, being reprinted in its entirety. As soon as it’s in the stores, I’ll let you know. Our Finnish blog is still here, and our fresh Swedish one is here.


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