Treasure Hunt & Reviews

The Swedish 50-öre (half-crown) coin is being retired, and since its buying power is very low indeed, we haven’t been caring for it all that well – some 340 million of them are drifting around the country unaccounted for. The collective value of these, of course, is SEK 170 million, which could make a considerable difference to the needy. That’s the math underlying Dammsug Sverige, a campaign to find and collect this wayward treasure. I had the pleasure of serving on the jury for a little film competition, where film school students made little advertisements for the campaign. Check out the top four contributions on the site!

Meanwhile, the daily toil as a critic continues. For Kulturnytt on P1 i reviewed Monica Ali’s latest, In the kitchen, in Swedish translation (I köket, listen here) as well as Swedish film premiere Hur många lingon finns det i världen, listen here.


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