Public Speaking

I haven’t updated the blog for an eternity, so I’ll just try to throw together some links here for now.

I got to visit Sisuradio to discuss some new music releases from Finland together with the above real experts. I had a great time, plus it’s fun to get to talk Finnish.

My conversation with Sjón in Malmö is available on Bambuser here.

A while back, I had the pleasure of moderating Humanistdagen i Linköping, and make some closing remarks at the end of the day. As is pretty common these days, some of the sessions were recorded by UR and aired as Livets val April 5th, April 6th and April 16th.

I’m actually not sure how I feel about so many of my moderating jobs being documented and shared either by UR or on Bambuser. The kind of prep I’d do for a room, and the kind of rhythm and contact one would like to have with the audience, is totally different from TV. I worry that the broadcast will just look like I’m not doing a very good job.

Together with the eminent poet and professor Lars Gustafsson, whom it was a privilege to meet, I was also invited to the Existential Film Festival in Falun to reflect on the films we’d seen there. That session was not recorded, but some my thoughts became a Fokus column (Swedish). The event is thoroughly delightful, like going to a secular monastery for a cinematic retreat. If you ever have a chance to attend, you should.

And talking about film, I had the most charming evening with Stiftelsen Filmstaden Kultur, who invited me to screen any film I pleased, and give an introduction, in Ingmar Bergman’s old screening room. I chose Duck Soup by the Marx Brothers, which still holds up spectacularly well. Perhaps I should have picked my other favourite, A Night at the Opera, instead, since “the Opera” is what the miniature movie theatre we were in is known as. Next time!

I should also take this opportunity to thank Bard College and the #lit2029 class for a lovely visit and and opportunity to give an experimental twitter-y lecture on the topic of #prataomdet!


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