I Wrote A Sex Play And Went On TV

In my continuing mission to try to actually update this blog with most if not all of the stuff I do, it feels important to share that I have made my debut as a dramatist. The Radio Theatre at the Swedish National Radio approached me this winter to ask whether, perhaps, I would consider writing a short play for their midnights-on-Friday “Radiosex” slot. I considered it for the longest time, then agreed, which is awesome because they got the fantastic Tanja Lorentzon from the Royal Dramatic Theatre to read it.

If you are related to me by blood, don’t listen, or if you do, don’t tell me you did. For everybody else, the play is online until June 15th here.

This Saturday, I was invited on TV4 for one of those portrait interviews, which veered into sexual territory (big surprise there), if by veered one means “was steered firmly by the otherwise amicable host”. I was game, however, and also blithely unaware that this is the morning show watched by my grandparents. Luckily, they seem to have come in after the sex bit, since they loved it. I’m a bit more torn. The interview was fun and relaxed, and they had done a lovely thing with my På spåret partner Marcus Birro asking some pre-taped questions. But the interview, which went on for almost half an hour, also contained a grand total of zero (0) questions on the topics I was there to talk about – my new show and my new comic book. Mental note 1: Next time, be more aggressively on message. Mental note 2: Don’t go on TV4 again any time soon.

As I said though, it’s nice. You can watch it here.


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