OMG RFSU & My Golden Typewriter

I was invited to Visby by the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU) to receive the RFSU Award, a great honour for which I am profoundly grateful. Since the award was primarily for #prataomdet, it is obviously not just mine, but belongs to all the thousands of people who shared their brave and moving and funny and tragic experiences. The award came with a statue-cum-condom pack stand (hardee-har-har!) which I am going to keep, and an oversize check for SEK 25000, which I am going to re-invest in sexual education, preferably by transforming it into books for school libraries. While I’m ironing out the details, though, I enjoy having an oversize check in my room. It feels just as curious now as it did when I received it. Or, to speak from the heart instead of in my grown-up voice: OMG RFSU! OMG OVERSIZE CHECK!

The following Monday the newly elected chairperson of RFSU and I were invited on TV4 to talk about, among other things, the award. Her name is Kristina Ljungros and she is a wise lady who will do great things! Watch it here.

All of this excitement reminded me that I have actually received another award earlier this year, which I may not have told you about on account of being in Morocco on a pretty crap line when it happened. It is the Gyllene Haldan Journalism Award, which is awarded by journalism students, and it too was primarily for #prataomdet. And I am very, very, very happy for it too.
This award is not very well known, but it is a little famous in the industry for being really impractical, being as it is a massive gilded typewriter. I have not actually received said typewriter, since transporting it is a bit of a nightmare, but every once in a while I receive an MMS from yet another city en route to the ego shelf at our office.


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  1. Congrats! You really really deserve it!

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