Perp – And Cover Girl

Six months after the first print media #prataomdet text was published in Dagens Nyheter, what will probably be the last (at least for now) is published in the current issue of Modern Psykologi. In the first text, I wrote about the strange realization that I have been a victim of, technically, a sex crime – and the complicated emotions behind the fact that I could have easily stopped the situation but didn’t.
In this last text, I write about the strange realization that I have also been a perpetrator: not of sex crimes, in a legal sense, but of inappropriate behaviour, of a sexual pushiness towards guys that I would never have tolerated from them towards me.
It’s the kind of insight you can probably only get by mirroring your experience in others’, and I am so utterly grateful to the thousands of people who decided to #talkaboutit in different ways and on different platforms. It’s not nice to look at your own principles and find a double standard, but there it is.
If you read Swedish, I recommend you pick up the issue; there is an interview as well, a conversation really, the kind of story which tells you as much about the writer (the wonderful Ann Lagerström) as about the interviewee. A good read!

Because of weird media logic, and the beautiful photographs of Nadja Hallström, confessing to sexually inappropriate behaviour put me on the cover. It also garnered me this hilariously offensive quote in Dagens Nyheter:

This incomprehensible snippet quite possibly sets the Culture Pages record for quoting out of context. Yes, I said those words. They were, as the Modern Psykologi article very clearly states, in reference to my youthful years, not – as DN claims – the past few months. In a stunning display of illiteracy, then, my colleagues at DN claim that the process of #prataomdet has made me less, rather than more, responsible in my sexual acts and communication. Thanks, guys. Really.

I’d ask for an apology but what would it say? “We’d like to clarify that Ms Koljonen is no longer behaving in a sexually selfish manner”?

PS – since Modern Psykologi don’t publish all of their content online, I’ll post the text on as soon as I’m allowed: when the next issue comes out, probably!



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2 responses to “Perp – And Cover Girl

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  2. Andreas E

    That is just… I am speechless! I can’t believe it even when I see it. “summerar tiden…” Dear. Lord. Almighty.

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