The Book Fair, Part 2

It was very nice of some many of you to show up for my last three appearances at the Gothenburg Book Fair even though I forgot to advertise them here. On Saturday morning, Barbro Teir, Ylva Larsdotter and I discussed my new book (of which more later), and Ylva’s.

Then I had the opportunity to sit down with the amazingly talented conceptual artist Henrik Tamm, who has worked among many other things on Shrek, Narnia and Kung Fu Panda but now yearns, as he said, for his pictures to actually be seen by people. He has illustrated the Swedish fantasy trilogy Tyko Flores and we’re certain to see more of him over here in the next few years.

On Sunday, I chaired a hilarious, embarrassing and radical conversation between comic book artist Karolina Bång and author and activist Birgitta Stenberg. In celebration of Karolina’s new book Cowgirls, we talked about ranger ladies, polyamory and lesbian sex in public places. (Pic above by Karin Casimir Lindholm)


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