Two Books In Springtime

I know I always claim to have a new book out, and it’s true too, but really they’ve pretty much been anthologies apart from the comics which have only been published in Finland. But in the spring of 2012 two books will be out with my actual name on them. Needless to say, this prospect utterly terrifies me.

First out is Oblivion High in Swedish. The first Swedish volume basically comprises Finnish books 1-2, although in actual fact they have been completely re-drawn page by page because Nina von Rüdiger, the artist with whom I collaborate, is not only a genius but also a perfectionist. This reworking also gave me the chance to sort out some bits that readers have felt are totally fuzzy. They were right, too. We’re releasing the new versions in English and Finnish for the iPad, too, so watch this space! Read about OH in Swedish here; and about our publishers, Kolik Förlag, here.

The other book is a study of the singer Carola Häggkvist, written in collaboration with the wonderful Andreas Ekström, who thankfully has a boat load of books under his belt and is significantly less scared than I am about this whole thing.

Given the above, I’m retreating into a writing hole for the next few months so I won’t have all that many news to post here. Instead, I’ll try to post links to older stuff that I never got around to in the last six months or so, given that I was busy working on… stuff.

Follow the Carola book project in Swedish here. Our publisher is Weyler.


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