Dallas Comes To Nalen This Saturday

Since I usually work in the realm of language and opinion, I suffer from a constant craving to do stuff with other tools. That’s why I nurture dreams about crafting, that’s why I can’t stop getting involved with other people’s game design projects, and that’s why I am hosting a monthly club at Nalen with club legend Lång-Kalle.

TV på Nalen combines the wonderful parts of fandom (represented by me) with all the great parts of proper clubbing (represented by Lång-Kalle, although we’re obviously both huge TV dorks). Our club combines fandom’s loving and inclusive atmosphere, and the willingness to dress up and express one’s love for televisual entertainment, with really great DJs at a really great location. Not to mention that our set designers do magical things with the space for each party.

We threw a legendary Twin Peaks party in September and an unforgettable Game of Thrones night in October. This Saturday, we are celebrating the Dallas of our childhoods with big hair, big hats, and the exclusive atmosphere of the privileged bits of the Lone Star State. The facebook event for the night is here, although obviously you’re very welcome to just show up at the door. Dressing up is voluntary – but a lot of our guests do!

We’ve received coverage on national P4, on P4 Stockholm, in Dagens Nyheter and Dagbladet i Sundsvall, as well as love from different blogs. Here’s one from a Jaime Lannister who had a pretty good night at our GoT-party. And Onyanserat have been super supportive, writing about Twin Peaks here and GoT here.

But really, the best praise came from the very talented Isobel Hadley-Kamptz, who tweeted after our first party that the love at the Twin Peaks club reminded her of why she so often dislikes going out in Stockholm. Spot on! Because we seem to have hit on the holy grail: a club night that’s not about who’s hottest or the most famous, but about having a great time with people you don’t even know who like stuff that you like.

Welcome to Dallas this Saturday at 9PM. And save the date for our season finale: Battlestar Galactica comes to Nalen on December 17th!

Our Tumblr is here. Our Facebook is here.

Oh, and if you wonder who the girls in the picture are, they’re just ordinary club goers dressed up as weir wood trees. Naturally. ❤


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