A Grand Night Out

A few weeks back, Sofia Mirjamsdotter (also known as @Mymlan) and I received the Swedish Grand Journalism Prize in the Innovator of the Year category for #prataomdet. It is a strange category for an award for achievement in Journalism in that it usually rewards things that are not, strictly speaking, journalism. Previous winners have been rewarded for things like an election database and a YouTube playlist, so more properly it should perhaps be called the Other Work Methods and Additional Types of Content In The Media Award. Obviously, #prataomdet is a pretty good fit. We are grateful and thrilled and humbled by the recognition.

I figured out an idea while watching TV and tweeting; Sofia understood what to do with it on twitter; tens of journalists and other writers as well as editors in media old and new collaborated in a pioneering manner; thousands of brave people all over Sweden worked together to change how we think and talk about sex, shame, and consent. If I’m not mistaken, it all started a year ago today. What a weird and wonderful year it’s been. Thank you.

Since I’m in the media but very rarely in actual journalism it is very unlikely I’d ever win an award of this magnitude or importance again. I’m especially happy to have reached the dais in 2011, since the winners were all young (except for lifetime achievement award recipient Cecilia Uddén), predominantly women, and all currently or previously employed by public service radio.

(I am using “employed” in its very loosest sense here since people under 40 aren’t actually ever hired full time, but that’s a gripe for another day).

Tendens on Sveriges Radio P1 did a #prataomdet-related week in the spring and has aired two of the programmes again these past few days together with a new interview with yours truly. The interview will air again at 23.30 tonight; or listen here.

A completely different type of grand night out involves me visiting Musikhjälpen at 8 PM tonight. I’m bringing some stuff for the charity auction, I’ll get back to you on that later!


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