Grown-Up Radio With Childish Curiosity

Fun week! The real grown-ups in the P1 Talkshow slot, Epstein and Nordegren, have a few days off for planning, and I’ve been temporarily raised to host in their stead with my mentor and friend Roger Wilson as my sidekick. This kind of live radio is new to me and I was really worried about the practical stuff but since everyone else are super professional, it doesn’t feel any different from the normal radio stuff we’ve been doing for a gazillion years. Still, it took a few days to nail the tone. If you want to hear only one episode (All Swedish), I recommend yesterday’s, on the topic of whom we can trust when it comes to the economy.

The theme for the week is a refresher course for 2011, for those of us who either didn’t pay very much attention, or tried but didn’t understand the financial crisis. We’ve spent our air time on breaking down the big words into, well, small words. And then wrestling with them. Basically, the key lesson seems to be we’re all in big trouble and it’ll get worse before it gets better.

For more detail, hear us talk about the euro crisis last Monday, and about DEBT and SHAME on Tuesday.


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3 responses to “Grown-Up Radio With Childish Curiosity

  1. christel vaenerberg

    loved it.

  2. Ylva

    Ska absolut lyssna! Beställde just din nya bok till Arbis bibba 🙂 Hoppas den kommer snart. Häls. Ylva

  3. Viktor

    Jag tycker att du var skitbra, bättre än ordinarie, på många sätt.

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