Gustav Almestad and Annika Beijbom have edited a selection of the #prataomdet texts into an anthology. Two of mine are included at the beginning and the end. It felt important to get some of these texts in print since while the internet is forever, links and servers do die.
Mired as I was with two other books, of which more soon, I wasn’t directly involved in the work here. But I don’t think I would have done anything differently had I been. All of the writers have donated their texts (which are available free anyway) and the publisher Kalla Kulor agreed to a low cut for their work. The price of the book has intentionally been set incredibly low, at the equivalent of two cups of coffee in Stockholm. Should the book turn a profit all the same, the proceeds will go to an appropriate charity.
Reading the texts back did make my hair stand on end a little. 15 months ago, we’d never spoken about this stuff in this way, with this detail, this level of analysis. Now there will be proof forever that we can.
The anthology got a great review in Svenska Dagbladet. It’s also available as an ebook or an SMS book. Ask for it at your booksellers’!
There was a release party at Bysis bokhandel with a sort of talk with some of the contributors to the book. Below, in this beautiful pic by Carolina Hemlin (thanks!), are Lisa Magnusson, Linus Fremin, Gustav Almestad, and Sonja Schwartzenberger who chaired.


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