Column Fever!

The most rewarding job I have is as a columnist, yet I realize I haven’t written anything about that for a while. I’ll try to get better at posting weekly roundups (but who am I kidding, I’d have to stop working to be able to tell you about all the work stuff…)

Anyway, every two weeks on Tuesday, I’m in the news section of Dagens Nyheter, and once a month, I’m on the last page of Fokus, and this year I’m also writing for ABF magazine Fönstret, which is really good. My stuff for them isn’t available online but do take a look at what else is there.

All of the other columns are available online, I realize. So during the last nine months or so in DN, I’ve written, among other things, about The Hunger Games, nationalism, historical distance, the Finnish presidential elections twice, how the news make me think of the 1930s, the homeless, the St Francis Prayer, understanding today’s political events, Bob Dylan, the True Finns, the epic nature of working towards a solution for world problems, the Occupy movement, Danish youth who choose not to vote, Tolkien and Game of Thrones, getting robbed in Blackbird Leyes, having someone to clean my house and Beliebers.
Also, in the culture pages, I wrote about real-world precedents of the latest Kerstin Ekman novel.

In Fokus, I’ve recently covered Charles Dickens, Wrestling, Easy A and contemporary faith, Finnish Swedish-speakers resident in Sweden, bright ideas, the 1991 crash, movies critical of consumer society and discussing how we raise our children, a larp about the AIDS crisis, child pornography in comics, women’s history, Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle, pancake thieves and pretend nazis and heartbreak. (All in Swedish).

I can’t believe how fortunate I am to be allowed to do this for a living.


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