Talking Carola

Yesterday, Andreas Ekström and I visited both the morning shows to talk about our book, Främling. Watch TV4 here and SVT here.

Kulturpanelen on SVT Gomorron also talked about the book last week, see it here. And in SvD, Adam Svanell wrote a piece about Carola and taste on the Bourdieu/Carl Wilson axis.

The reviews are also starting to arrive (weirdly, since Sweden generally speaking operates on an “official review date” system and ours isn’t until this Saturday). In Aftonbladet, Andres Lokko gave it high praise, calling it “glimrande läsning“. Christian newspaper Dagen gives the book its blessing (“bottenärligt utan att för den skull uppfattas som insmickrande”), a great relief for us non-believers writing about faith.

Lars Ragnar Forsberg at Barometern is inspired by the book (which he describes as “sprakande, spännande och insiktsfull”) to share his own Carola memories in what promises to become a series of texts. The Nerikes Allehanda reviewer Maria Eremo feels she won’t have as negative a view of Carola after reading this book.

Jönköpings-Posten would have preferred us to write a very different kind of book. The reviewer (who has no love for Carola’s music) feels over all that we should have been more critical of Carola, and preferably write more about her person, while also delving deeper into specialized topics.

We’ve also done some interviews; the most widely published one is from TT Spektra. Andreas was really good on P4 Extra and I like this one in Helsingborgs Dagblad. I did a little sweet one with Amos too. Sydsvenskan ran a great short interview next to a chapter from the book. And when I was on Malou’s Efter tio a while back, I talked both about Främling and Oblivion High.

There are probably some that I’ve forgotten, non-linkage does not imply I somehow denounce the content.


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