Lovely Reviews!

I’m not exactly on vacation, but this spring’s projects are winding down and hopefully I’ll have time to post some more links to everything that’s happened… First I’d like to link some more reviews of Främling, the book about Carola Häggkvist written by Andreas Ekström and me. They’re all in Swedish, as is the book, but it’ll be published in Norwegian this year on which topic: YEA!

Two late and very positive reviews which, we feel, really understood what we were trying to do are from Kyrkans tidning and Hufvudstadsbladet.

Others who’ve reviewed since I posted about this last include Smålandsposten, Kulturnytt, Svenska Dagbladet, Göteborgsposten, Expressen, Folkbladet and Arbetarbladet, and Andreas talked about the book on P4 Kristianstad. The reviews have mostly ranged from pretty positive to high praise, and the criticisms have been reasonable and well argued – mostly on matters of opinion or preference, the kind of things that I find it very difficult to get upset about. I expected the process to be much more painful!

If you’re still aching to hear me or both of us talk about the book in person, the easiest opportunity at the Gothenburg book fair in September. Otherwise, watch this space!


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