2012 Highlights: The Most Important Article

The most important thing I’ve written so far in 2012 – and it’s pretty sure to stand at the end of the year, too – has nothing at all to do with me, but is an interview with the two editors of the book Sexual Violence Against Jewish Women During the Holocaust. In the interview, which was published online in connection with a special issue on Gender and War of the magazine Genus, Dr Rochelle Saidel and Dr Sonja Hedgepeth talk about the traditional resistance in Holocaust studies to view the tragedy through a gendered lense. They also make a fine job of explaining why doing so anyway is very important.

The interview is in Swedish, but what you should really try and do is to also order the book, which can be found, for instance, here (Amazon.com) and in a Kindle edition here. Updates on continuing work in the field coordinated by the Remember the Women Institute can be found here.


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