Hosting the Morning

So, I took a summer job for two weeks – hosting TV4 Nyhetsmorgon on Sunday mornings, yesterday and this week. It’s a 3,5-hour live show and obviously a pretty terrifying thing to do, but we ended up having all kinds of fun: I got to touch Håkan Dahlby‘s Olympic silver medal and Gnucci and I got to try on beards – off camera, actually, so the picture above is pretty exclusive. If you want to craft a beard of your own, instructions (in Swedish) are on Elin Danielsson’s Slöjdporr blog. The picture above is also by her, I’m pretty sure, though I found it on Anna-Lisa Persson‘s twitter!

I wrote a piece for Sydsvenskan about moving to Copenhagen, it’s here.

Also – I have a summer series on Weird Science, watching DVDs I’ve felt bad about either owing or just not having seen. So far I’ve seen The Great Debaters, Conan the Barbarian, and Forces of Nature (all in Swedish). My next post will be on American Splendor, a tough movie to write anything meaningful about since it is just as good as people have been saying since 2004.


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