Media Evolution & the Frizon Festival

So I’m hosting this really amazing conference in Malmö as we speak – it’s so great they actually named it The Conference, which would be a little obnoxious if they weren’t also generous enough to live stream all their content free for everybody! You can find all the talks here.

This all puts me in mind of a completely different social gathering I visited two weeks back.

The Christian youth festival Frizon invited me, to my unending astonishment, to speak to journalist Magnus Sundell about my work and my books. We talked about fantasy (a surprising number of Game of Thrones fans in the room) and obviously about Carola, and I went on a very intense but I think generally well-received rant about the responsibility of this generation to save the world.
 Then we got into the really heavy stuff: talking about sex and sexual communication to a roomful of people of which some are deeply committed to chastity until marriage. It ended up being a whole lot about how tolerance goes both ways – I think that those who choose celibacy are actually less likely to be stigmatized or challenged (and therefore more likely to be dare to do so) in a society where sexuality is an individual choice, leading to the conclusion that the proliferation of relationship anarchy is a good thing for the Evangelical church. I do honestly not know how I ended up there but it makes a certain kind of sense.

If you’re not intimidated by prayer meetings or the completely drug free (yes: alcohol free) environment, you may wanna check our Frizon next year. The venue is beautiful and the atmosphere is great – the festival is ecumenical (in the intra-Christian sense) and does invite heathens like me to challenge social dogma. Not to mention the Christian anarchists, the Christian hard core and white metal crowds. I even met a young person in a Christian LGBT t-shirt, and so much for my prejudice about the evangelical movement. (The picture above is stolen from a blog post by Wilhelm Blixt).


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