Talking Carola at the Book Fair

Half a year after the release of our book about Carola Häggkvist, Andreas Ekström and I finished off the publicity tour with two conversations and an interview at the Book Fair. We meet Eva Staxäng on the Se människan-stage in a talk about Carola and faith, watch it here. And here is the 45-minute talk with our publisher Svante Weyler that was also aired on UR and will, as their programming tends to, probably be rerun in perpetuity.
These recordings are special in that in neither case was I aware in advance that the talk would be filmed (and on the faith stage I wasn’t even aware of it as it happened). Thus I am wearing what can only be described as my actual face. It’s lovely of UR to document seminars the way they do but I wish they’d at least throw TV makeup into the deal since nobody is getting paid… By the way, the UR talk starts off a little slow but we become very agitated and alive after a while, the kind of show that’s nice to listen to in the background while folding laundry.

Here is a long and nuanced interview with Världen idag, a very conservative Christian newspaper whose politics tend to live quite a distance from ours.

And here a short conversation video, unfortunately with bad sound, from the Hanaholmen Culture Centre stage on the fair floor. This time without Andreas since it wasn’t planned and they just grabbed me as I happened to be walking past.


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