Two More Books Out

So, an anthology I’m in was released a few weeks back, which reminded me I forgot to blog this other anthology I was in, which came out in the spring. Bizarrely, this means I’ve got six books out this year (Främling, Oblivion High, Avståndet mellan, #prataomdet, and these other two). I’ve felt weird about calling myself an author but I think it’s time to let that go.

This spring, I published a chapter in the bilingual (Finnish/Swedish) anthology Rakas hurri! Kära hurri! 15 synvinklar på tvåspråkigheten. 15 näkökulmaa kaksikielisyyteen (Schildts & Söderströms) on the topic of bilingual life in Finland. Read a review in Swedish here
and an interview with the editor here.

This fall, I have a chapter in Bildningsresan (Bertil Ohlin förlag). Twelve writers, edited by Gabriel Ehrling and Karin Rebas, share their views about the state of education in Sweden – or rather, more specifically and more urgently, the state of traditional bildung, which makes this book part of a larger conversation on the need for the humanities and/or the liberal arts.
I haven’t seen the book yet, but it’s been well received, including editorial comment in Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet. There’s an older book with the same title which is no relation at all; should you want to buy ours I suggest, for instance, Hedengrens in Stockholm or the publisher.


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