Sex, Kids and School

OK, so the conference title more properly translates to “Sex, youth and the role of the school”, but doesn’t the above make for a better headline?
This was my second year hosting the inspiration-and-knowledge-sharing-day for teachers, school nurses, midwives (and even one solitary headmaster, who was very nice – and gets big points for making this event a priority) in the Gothenburg region. This year I also gave three talks: an introduction, a conclusion, and a lecture on some of the issues raised by the #prataomdet texts in the context of sexual education. What a great day! Thank you so much, again, for your inspiring company!
Joakim Berlin from Posithiva Gruppen Väst took this picture during a break. I wish I could list all the other speakers, who were also great! Julia Schalk from RFSU talked about sexual rights in a global perspective, and Johannes Rosenlundh and Anna Pettersson had an awesome session on norm criticism that included monologue performances, hands-on advice and some very lucidly transmitted theory.


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