Win in Spite of Fail!

So the good news is that Främling is finally out in Norway. The bad news is you shouldn’t really believe anything our publisher over there tries to tell you about its contents – it doesn’t contain gossip, and it wasn’t “the year’s great bestseller in Sweden”, more like a really well-received book that performed exactly to expectation sales-wise. That said, if you’d rather read a very different, cultural-analysis kind of book, then that is the book we’ve written, and you should get it – for instance here.
The other bad news include that the cover is beige (although otherwise fine) and that Aftenposten writes the book is very poorly proofed. The other good news include that Aftenposten really like the book! As for the most important thing for a bibliophile like me, a.k.a. what the book feels like when you hold it, I haven’t actually received a copy yet, so I’ll have to wait with letting you know.
I do like the Norwegian title, Carola. Fanget i en stormvind. It says just as much about the life of Carola as ours does.


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