A New Favourite Author

I was not familiar with the work of Etgar Keret before being asked to read two short stories at the Jäfvla literary salon at Turteatern in Kärrtorp. It is THE BEST, and so is he. As in I love, love, LOVE his cooky, sad, wise, funny, profound short stories. The gentlemen I had the pleasure of joining on stage were professional actors, David Arnesen and Fredrik Lundqvist, and read really, really well.
If you have a chance of catching a Jäfvla evening, you should. It’s free, the wine is cheap, as are the books, and the food, which is great; you can come and go earlier or later, to fit your busy social schedule; you needn’t even have heard of the author in focus; the organizers take great pains with the decor; and there is just something magical about being read aloud to. Find them on Facebook here. Buy Etgar Keret in Swedish, for instance here.

The picture is by Sara Fritzon.


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