The Correct Number Is Seven. Or Possibly Eight.

Remember when I wrote a few posts down that I have six books out this year counting things like anthologies? About that.
The thing is, I completely forgot about my introduction to the fifth volume of Robert Kirkman’s comics masterpiece The Walking Dead. So, I guess the correct number is seven. Because I think counting the Norwegian edition of Främling as a separate book would be cheating.
Now, if you have not read The Walking Dead, you should, and why not buy the very reasonably priced and smoothly translated Swedish editions? Ad libris currently has a crazy sale on the first three books.

I know you’ve already been told by all of your friends to read this comic. They’ve told you there are really just two compulsory titles out right now, TWD and Scalped. They’ve said the TV show does not compare to the original. They’ve told you that the comics are, in fact, themselves comparable in nuance and complexity with long-form drama masterpieces like The Wire. And you’ve been all “yeah, yeah”, because it’s zombies, and as I wrote elsewhere in my column on the Ibsen zombie play currently on in Malmö, we all know zombie entertainment often relies on a gimmick, or at best an intelligent idea, that is typically exhausted by the end of the first act.
Often though, not always: not in the case of that play, and not in the case of The Walking Dead, which just delivers. Boy, does it deliver.
The zombie portrait above is by the comic’s Swedish publisher, Jimmy Wallin. Volume 5, including my introduction, get a good review on the Swedish Zombie website.


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