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2012-11-19 21.46.09

Uppsala Nya Tidning hosted its yearly literary salon for the 18th time at Uppsala Stadsteater yesterday, and by yesterday I mean november 19th, 2012, since apparently I never got around to posting this. I was invited to speak after PC Jersild, Bodil Malmsten, Johanna Ekström, Peter Fröberg Idling and Mattias Klum. There is a video which you can find here. I spoke about Carola, of course.

At the theatre, they are/were currently playing some kind of classic crowdpleasers season (and to great reviews!) – Dracula, Fanny & Alexander, and Sound of Music. I always wanted to be in Sound of Music. Yesterday I got closer than I ever will: my mic was labelled “NUN 4”. (I am actually envious too: my actual musical theatre career culminated in the role of “Guard 5”. I’d give a lot to play “nun 4”. In the film, the nun posse get some of the best singing action – one of them is indeed the divine Marni Nixon, better known as the voice of Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady).


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