Spring Over Board!

OK, it’s an awful pun! But I’m so happy to have joined the board of Pocket Entertainment, a Swedish original content web television provider.

As per usual I’ve been very lax with updating my site and we’re already at midsummer! Starting with the third quarter, we’ll change this blog to include two kinds of updates – blog posts from me and links and information from my new team. It’s a pretty small team, but I suspect the impact on my workload will be lifechanging. Go team!

While we wait for that new order, another thing entirely! Ottar magazine ranks people with influence on Swedish sexual politics and I pop up in 22nd place – astonishing, humbling, really a nod to each and every person who participated in the #prataomdet conversation on a range of media platforms – especially the theatre company who toured with the Fortsätt #prataomdet performance during the fall and winter seasons. Myself, I feel I’ve only done so much this year – a talk in Oslo last fall, another one in Vasa, Finland at the Mediespråk conference, and a third in Umeå, Sweden, plus few panels in conjunction with the theatre tour. Norwegian Journalisten magazine wrote a pretty cool profile when I was there.
So, I don’t feel like I’ve done much, but I do tend to talk about the book a lot when I’m out on other business though. If you read Swedish, you should get it: it’s a quick and gripping read and the stories are very powerful. Here’s a review I probably haven’t posted before.


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