Kerstin Thorvall Forever


This week, Bonnier are re-releasing, again, the classic 1976 Kerstin Thorvall novel Det mest förbjudna (which has been translated to many languages but not, I think, English). I had the pleasure of writing the introduction.
The title roughly translates to The Most Forbidden Thing and book was scandalous in its time, and it’ll still throw ya! But as I discuss in the introduction what is “most forbidden” in the novel is open for debate. The sexual content? Demanding a life for yourself even when you are a mother? Older women sleeping with younger men? You should read it and make up your own mind.

The review date is August 27th and I don’t expect any attention since so many new books are coming out in the season leading up to the Book Fair, but do check it out, Thorvall is a great read. Earlier this year the novel was even selected by literature programme Babel for a hypothetical, tiny five-book Swedish literary canon.

PS. Three other feminist classics are re-released at the same time. The beautiful covers are by Finnish designer Maija Louekari, whom I completely coincidentally once interviewed for the architecture and design magazine Forum AID, now called FORM. It’s the kind of bread-and-butter profile that I almost never get to write these days and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the meetings and the craft of trying to catch something of the person in a very short text. Since it’s in Swedish, I’ve thrown it up on my old blog.

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